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CR: GreatWar Stage4 - Samar by flutist
CR: GreatWar Stage4 - Samar
this is for Indonesian rp group.

Happy Birthday CR

sempet ya ngejahilin member dengan ngadain Great War dadakan
4 hari pula.. tolong ya...

VILLAIN yg cari ref lokasi ke SINI


Kanvas: UDEL
OC: Jinpusar
Villain G 34
KTP: Here
Lokasi: Keraton Kasepuhan, Cirebon
Note: maaf lokasinya rusak berat sampai sulit dikenali yah. Hint: itu gapuranya di belakang Jinpu, lalu pendopo nya yang lagi dirusak sama monster yang di kanan.
Note: luka & limit = transparan (kalian bisa melihat aliran energi/roh di bawah kulit Jinpu yang transparan, dan rohnya juga sudah babak belur bolong-bolong) Jinpunya juga sudah tidak senyam-senyum seperti biasanya..
Aktivasi memudar = kerusakan fisik mejadi permanen, Jinpu tidak dapat mempertahankan wujudnya, kulitnya retak/bolong (contohnya di muka sebelah kiri) dan retakan akan terus melebar tanpa dapat diperbaiki hingga akhirnya dia jadi tidak berwujud.

alternative solid Jinpu


Ketika makhluk hijau mulai bermunculan, aku tahu peperangan ini hampir berakhir. Mereka saling memakan lalu menghancurkan semuanya...

Layer GammaGreen : kategori 3 dalam proses infeksi artblock. Yaitu Artblock yang sudah menempati wujud sempurna sebagai seekor monster. Monster yang muncul dari folder ini didominasi warna hijau pada keseluruhan tubuhnya, dengan tinggi bisa 4-6 meter. Monster Layer GammaGreen tidak bisa dikendalikan lagi kecuali dengan cara dimusnahkan. Folder yang menjadi induk dari artblock ini juga akan mati / tidak dapat diselamatkan.

Kita semua tidak abadi...
tapi tidak kusangka... makhluk api dan udara sepertiku ternyata sama fana-nya dengan mereka.

Andai mereka punya hasrat yang bisa kuserap jadi energi ...maka mungkin aku bisa bertahan
sayangnya mereka hanyalah artblock takberbenak


Divisi 34 Villain Pelopor G yang manis-manis, ayo baris:

:iconakardahan: NIGHT

Perjalanan GreatWar Jinpu:
Stage1 || Stage2 || Stage3
BJBB: John Doe [Club] by flutist
BJBB: John Doe [Club]

"I like grape... purple one"

▌ B I O

Name: John Doe
Age: 22
Birthday: 29 March
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10 ft (178 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
Profession: Arsonist (main), Mechanic (sub)
Rank: F-Ranked Refugee
Card of Choice: 3 of Club 

▌ W E A P O N S

[Main Weapon] a pair of small can cannister of flammable jelly
Homemade napalm in cannister. Carrying this around won't bring suspicion. It even can be smuggled as paint spray (take note that airport can detect this as forbidden substance). It also fairly easy to use and the fire will burn longer making it more difficult to handle. This gel is sticky! It will not dry or evaporate as fast as it's liquid cousins. It is predictable, means it wont move and spread. It can specifically use to burn something while avoid to burn other nearby things (as long as it doesn't explode). The only weakness is that it can only be used close range, so the user must be present at the location to spray the gel. It give the user time precision between each phase of his plan ...because the semi transparent color also making it difficult to detect after applied to certain spot, so he could take time to before really set the fire. When it is time to execute, just burn the fuse - that made from gel - (either directly using matches or even using ranged weapon like fire arrow or flamethrower ...Note that at this point, John Doe will only use matches).
Ingredients: This chemical made using everyday object like egg shells or anything contain calcium, or better use pure antacid tablets which you can get in pharmacy, then add vinegar and isopropyl alcohol (make that 100% pure rubbing alcohol). You must add them well, or the fire will stay low. The only tricky part is to pack them inside a cannister, which is a John Doe Trademark .....should I teach this to you too? ....No, I think you better figure that by yourself.

Appearance: something like canned whipped cream, sticky, white and semi transparent (depends on antacid vs alcohol ratio)

How to apply: once in cannister, it is easy, just spray it like paint spray. Circle any object you want to be torched (other flammable or any explosable object is desirable).

[Sub Weapon] (any) (stolen) vehicle

if he felt like it.. he'll "borrow" it and use it, break it, blow it or left it somewhere.. and repeat, steal...ahem..."borrow" another vehicle. He has no (or so little) personal belonging.

▌ I T E M S

[own] matches (you-can-light-it-using-side-of-your-boots-kind-of-matches)
[borrowed] screwdriver and wrench or a swiss knife
[stolen] glasses - sunglasses - motorcycle windshield glasses
nope... he is not a thief... he just doesn't really care about ownership.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

cold | quiet | creative | brave | risk taker | survivor
John Doe is an ice wall. Some rabbits said that he's lack of expression, while other rabbits will categorize him as cold and quiet... even intimidating. But the truth is, He never taught how to socialize as he grew up alone in the lab (there's some scientist at the lab, who order him "this" and "that" but no real social interaction happened there).

He doesn't really fond of talking or listening to people's or rabbit's talk. He only enjoy watching them from afar, without being involved in their petty problems.

A lot of things actually bring him amusement, such as working (in the garage), solving "puzzle" (disassembling and re-assembling electronic devices and vehicle) but he rarely show his feeling to other rabbits. Only when the sky bright red and there's a dancing blaze that he may show his rare smile. He somewhat righteous (not the "real" righteous, just a wicked version using his own way of thinking) and he make sure his enemies pay all their debt with doubled interest *smirk*

He's not attached to anything, like personal belonging or any person, only cause. He rarely speak. Let's say he's forced to join a mandatory discussion, he'll only talk when he's strongly disagree with something ....usually he left the room right after that... so all members of that discussion have time to pondering the strength of his word, but he doesn't have even a tiny bit interest in what happened after he left the room or what conclusion the discussion end with. Because no matter what the higher-ups told him, he still have his free will to decide whether should or shouldn't he follow their order.

(276 words)

▌ L I K E S   &   D I S L I K E S

+ fire ......amuse him
+ tinker, modify and upgrade stuff .....has calming effect on him
+ gadget, electronic appliances, weapons and vehicles
- carrot ......literally will turn him orange, since he is allergic (Yodha suffer the same allergy)
- skin contact strange, because he can't feel it
- hospital or ward

▌ H I S T O R Y 

Winter, two years ago there's big explosion at South East Region Agriculture Center (S.E.R.A.C.) building, which better known as Spinach, Eggplant, Radish And Carrot building. The explosion was so big that it melt the surrounding snow. The mysterious accident happen in what supposed to be an ordinary office. Medias turn their head another way and money paid to witnesses before they quietly disappear. The person in charge of that institution seems to be in hurry to dissolve the news. Nobody knows that one experiment subject escaping from S.E.R.A.C. that day, which evidently - actually one of many Anagenesis underground labs.

The experiment subject - a male bunny - breathe free air for the very first time after spending 20 years of his miserable life trapped inside a white room, which strangely coded blue instead (Blue Room D), where several human in long white coat testing him with drugs, simulation and radiation therapy. All of those creating a permanent effect of his body which called "extreme condition tolerance", such as hot, cold, wet and dry. But he lost 75% of his skin ability to recognize sensations (such as gentle touch, water drip, mild temperature, and some degree of pain). This doesn't make him immune to anything, but at least he can't feel it now. In other words, the nerves under his skin are so damaged that it becomes dull.

After some research, he know that when he just a baby he's been sold to this institution. He has so many questions that he spent 2 years on the run to find the answer only to find soooo little and more confusion, which is not very effective. Being alone making it's hard to retaliate against the government, specifically to Anagenesis. It's even harder to find clue about his nemesis, the mastermind of S.E.R.A.C. and many more similar institutions. Human experimenting on rabbits must be abolished at all cost!!! 

During the hit and run, he heard about this "resistance" and he knew that he'll have bigger chance to survive and take revenge with joining a bigger organization. He took some time to learn and predict the pattern of BJBB attacks to the government and purposely declare challenge by hitting the most likely BJBB targets before they made the actual move. After several successful attempts (like 1 every 19 failures), BJBB higher-ups got bothered about his existence. Rabbits sent to kidnap him and (later) eventually invite him to join their ranks.

(404 words)

▌ T R I V I A

Yodha Kienan's "twin" brother, registered as born dead to a normal human family in Pearson and never mentioned (his Father gladly forget about him... since one rabbit is enough), but originally named "Todha Kienan", so Yodha occassionally call him Tody, though Tody always introduce himself as John Doe. Before being freed, he has no name and only called by number (specimen 0033).

They aren't very similar in appearance (mostly because of their contrast personality and different preference of attire) but Yodha and Tody share inner contact, such as: if one of them fallen ill or being hurt, it's most likely the other will mysteriously caught the same illness or similar wound at the same spot of their body. And they will heal at the same time, even though maybe only one of them got the treatment. which is very convenient because Tody hates medical treatments for remind him so much about his old life.

The color of his eyes, hair and skin lighter than his brother's, but nobody will notice that slight differences. People will notice the tattoo faster (left fist, number "0 0 3 3" on fingers). They also have slightly different ear shape, but overall the same silhouette with the exception of their hair.

Because they aren't identical, they don't realize that they are twin from the beginning. But after several "coincidence" and later Tody buys more info about his real family, there's no doubt that Yodha and him come out from the same womb of the same mother and (unfortunately) the same father.

Tody is neither like nor dislike violence. But if any violence is required, he'll do without hesitation.

▌ R E L A T I O N S H I P

 [ relationship open ]

▌ O T H E R

link to blank app:
referer Shirei-Shou
mentor Shirei-Shou & bluevelvetwings
FACT: flammable jelly
disclaimer(-ish): I made the John Doe's story trying to have a good formula of sci-fi and action in it, I made this from 0, story is kinda generic, so I wont claim this as an original story only belong to me, I'm sure that same route is used hundred times by many people, but never expected to see a very similar story in anime (Zankyou No Terror) I watch this anime today, while I wrote John Doe bio last week, so I hereby declare that this is pure coincidence and not in purpose. The story between this two is not related by any means.
Alternatif GW Stage 3 by flutist
Alternatif GW Stage 3
I like this better but my hubby said that THIS is better


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